2016 Somerset Regional
Science Olympiad
March 19, 2016

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What is Science Olympiad?
What are the divisions?
How are teams organized?

What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is an international non-profit organization devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science and providing recognition for outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers. These goals are accomplished through classroom activities, research, training workshops and the encouragement of intramural, district, regional, state and national tournaments. Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of team events, which students prepare for during the year. These challenging and motivational events are well balanced between the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics and technology. There is also a balance between events requiring knowledge of science concepts, process skills and science applications.

Forty-eight states have Science Olympiad organizations. In Kentucky, regional tournaments are hosted at six different locations.
  • University of Pikeville, Pikeville, KY
  • Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Lexington, KY
  • DuPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY
  • Madisonville Community College, Madisonville, KY
  • Maysville Community College, Maysville, KY
  • Somerset Community College, Somerset, KY
The 2015 Kentucky Science Olympiad State Tournament will be hosted by Western Kentucky University on April 23.


There are three Science Olympiad Divisions:

  • Division A (Grades K-6)
  • Division B (Grades 6-9)
  • Division C (Grades 9-12)

Only Divisions B and C compete at the Somerset Regional Science Olympiad.


Division C Team Membership Rules
A team may have up to fifteen (15) members. A maximum of seven (7) 12th grade students is permitted on a Division C team.

Division B Team Membership Rules
A team may have up to fifteen (15) members. A maximum of five (5) 9th grade students is permitted on a Division B team. Because middle schools that do not have grades 7, 8 or 9 are at a slight disadvantage, they may invite any combination of up to five (5) of their last year's 6th, 7th or 8th grade students to be part of the team. Possible examples/scenarios can be found at http://www.soinc.org/.

A single school may have more than one team. Visit the Kentucky Science Olympiad website at http://www.wku.edu/scienceolympiad/  register a team.

For each event, a team will select one or two members to compete. (Some events allow 3 members.) Since there are 5 competition periods on the event schedule, each team member may compete in up to 5 events and may have a different partner for each event.