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Friday, June 14, 2024 10:30 am

Civil Process

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The Somerset Civil Process Service pertains to legal and court documents served on behalf of individuals, private attorneys, the Court, County departments and agencies. Our Civil Deputies serve papers throughout all Somerset County communities.

Please click here for a copy of a Civil Service Request Form

Turn around time depends on how quickly our Civil Deputy can make contact with the recipient. Please provide as much information as possible about the recipient to include, correct phone number(s), address and even a working schedule. This information will aid us in getting your papers served as quickly as possible.

Fees for Service

In order for us to attempt service, in accordance with Maine Revised Statute Title 14 Section 702, we are requesting a retainer fee of $90.00 (In-State) & $90.00 (Out-of-State).   Any unused portion greater than $1.00 will be refunded or any additional charges will be billed to you.   We do not accept cash or personal checks.  Please use a money order or bank check made payable to “Somerset County Treasurer”.

We need one “original” document and one “copy” for each person being served.  Once service has been made, we will complete the Proof of Service on your Original(s) and mail them back to you.

Full List of Civil Service Rates