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Friday, June 14, 2024 11:01 am

What to Expect in Jail

Home Somerset County Jail What to Expect in Jail

All persons entering the booking intake area of the jail go through a metal detector as a minimum. Based off of your crime and circumstances you may under go a pat search of your person and or a strip search of your person and a hand search of your clothing in accordance with Maine Statutes.

Allowable Property

Somerset County Jail (SCJ) provides you with the clothing necessary for your stay within the jail. Medically required items: crutches, removable casts, glasses, canes, etc. will be evaluated by medical staff as to need and approved or not by the Security Supervisor. If disapproved, and medically required, concessions may be made by Security Supervisor. Be aware that all of your clothing with exception of coats will be washed and dried prior to storage until your release. You will have 7 days from your booking to get rid of any property in excess of a set of clothes to be released in, personal identification, and legal paperwork by 1 of 3 options: it can be mailed out at your expense, picked up by a your designee, or donated to the facility. This is due to limited storage space at the facility.

You may receive books and magazines through the mail directly from a distributor but will only be able to have 2 in your cell at a time. The excess books will not be stored by the facility but must be sent out at your expense, picked up by a visitor, or donated to the facility library.

The following items (these are examples and do not include all items) are considered contraband within the jail because they are dangerous, perishable, or illegal for the jail to store:

  • Ammunition
  • Cigarettes
  • Explosives
  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Perishable food items
  • Similar Items

These items will not be stored.

Personal Information

You will be given the opportunity to copy contact information from your cell phone (for example: names and addresses, doctors, social workers, case worker information, etc.). You will not be allowed to retain your wallet, ID, Social Security Card, address books etc. Persons who are self-committals should have this information copied to a piece of paper prior to arrival.


Somerset County Jail does not allow: Illegal drugs, opiates, benzodiazepines, or some highly addictive psychotropic medications for reasons of the safety of the inmate population and you. If you have a valid prescription for a medication not allowed at the jail, arrangements, in consultation with your treating physician and the jail’s medical staff, may be made. The jail will not accept medical marijuana in any form per direction of the State Attorney General’s Office guidance. Medication that you bring in will be deemed contraband if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Missing or Illegible Label on container
  • Prescribed for another person
  • Multiple types of medication in the same container
  • Medication expired

Medical Contraband will be turned over to the arresting officer or destroyed. It is important for your continued health to completely answer the Booking Officer’s and Medical staff screenings. Somerset County charges copays for prescriptions and medical treatment in accordance with statute. No inmate will be denied medical treatment due to lack of funds.


Any monies that you have on your person upon entry into SCJ will be placed on your inmate account so that you can make commissary purchases of snack items, pay for postage, and make telephone calls. You will be provided a receipt for any monies taken from you during the booking process. Persons on the outside can make deposits to your account via a kiosk in the jail lobby or via the web (see contacting inmates). Indigent inmates’ accounts are debited for indigent supplies given to them by the jail. When the indigent inmate receives money on their account a cost recovery percentage is charged at that time.


If you are allowed bail you will be allowed up to 5 calls to complete 2 calls to secure bail. The person providing your bail will have to arrive at the jail with the amount in cash. This amount will be verified by a jail staff member prior to the bail commissioner being called. You may at the discretion of the Shift Supervisor use your own cash to post bail.


You are required by law to provide information necessary to accurately identify you. You will be photographed and finger printed to assist in this process. Failure to provide true information may result in further charges.

Booking Process

You are expected to cooperate fully with the booking process and conduct yourself in an adult manner. You will be processed in the order of your arrival. While waiting to be processed you may be allowed to wait in the jail’s open waiting area or in a holding cell depending on your behavior. You will be fed, have access to a toilet, and if in medical crisis access to medical treatment. You will be given access to the telephone during your actual booking. While in the booking area, obey all directions of security staff and do not attempt to involve yourself in another persons issues.